Dmitry Kovalev

Product Manager


Highly capable product manager with 4+ years experience in product management, 12+ years in IT. Got 180% of revenue goal in adult-content tech company. Filled the backlog, determined the priority and ROI of features. Organized A/B tests. I can work with Amplitude, tableau, excel, sql. Worked as a developer, have no problems to understand developers. Analytical mindset, I understand how correlation differs from dependence. Worked with cusdev, customer journey map, AARRR funnel. Had an experience in business, for about eight years owned an agency, which 36 developers. Work in Sketch, Miro, Figma. Can create simple prototypes.

Work Experience

Product Manager

First Line Software | Feb 2020 - Present

Still working as a product manager

  • Lead a team of six people
  • Negotiating with contractors

Product Manager | Feb 2019 - Sep 2019

Developed a web applicatiom for Broadcasting. You can check it there - Worked on increasing revenue. Made a custdev with Broadcasters. Compiled backlog, created detailed specifications for developers. Drew wireframes for planned features in Figma and Sketch.

  • Made a new react app.
  • Got 180% of revenue goal.

Product Manager

Crypto startup | Feb 2018 - Feb 2019

With the team, created a cryptocurrency exchange. Can not disclose the details, because of NDA. Managed the development team and designers.

Product Manager | Aug 2016 - May 2018

Worked remotely on a content verification platform that used by marketing teams, agencies and media companies to organize and manage processes. Compiled backlog, wrote specifications, drew wireframes. Managed programmers, designers. Worked with Tableau, Amplitude, Firebase.

Project manager | Jul 2014 - Aug 2016

Worked remotely on a large network (more than 5 million registered users). It was sold to AOL (they made ICQ, and then bought back. Worked with JIRA, managed a team of 5 people. Drew wireframes, controlled the progress of work.

Project manager | Aug 2012 - Jun 2014

Worked remotely. Created this startup with a team from scratch. Managed a team of 6 people. This is a service for programmers where they can write their code directly from the browser, deploying there all the necessary environments. There you can also work together as a project for us, watch project analytics. The project received about $25 million dollars in investments in several rounds. And he came to profit.

Web Developer

ООО "ЛДС" | Sep 2010 - Aug 2012

Worked as a web developer in an agency

Web Developer

НИИ моделирования и проектирования информационных систем | Jun 2008 - Aug 2009

Worked as a web developer on a large healthcare project


YouTube Channel

As a hobby in my free time, I run my own YouTube Blog, where I talk about technology. This allows me to improve in public speaking, better express my thoughts, and most importantly, make new acquaintances.

Telegram Channel

I read a lot IT news, most interested of them I mentioned in my Telegram Channel



Open Source

When I have free time, I write an application for manage my personal finance. I told about that - Finance Part 3.